A degree in physics and quality management, experience in different industries, many years working in an multi-cultural and cross-functional environment, I take great pleasure in finding solutions and the analysis of complex structures and processes.

Explorer by nature, I am someone who likes to discover and experiment. Raised in the agricultural world, I know and appreciate the value of things. Scientific & quality studies led me to develop an ability of understanding problems and finding solutions. My working life began in the world of mass-market retailing industry with the importance given at the time to the clientele. Afterwards I joined the very competitive and complex world of the automotive industry. I learned about functional product specifications and product compliance linked to the safety of people. Then I discovered the world of luxury goods that allowed me to understand, in addition to the function given to a product, the value / emotion that brings the aesthetic dimension to an object. I admire the passion and the dedication of my people in creating, developing, producing and delivering products. I had the chance to work in small companies and to see one becoming a large group while remaining in a private setting. Along this journey, i didn’t know most of the time what would be the next step but I realized that I got great solutions from people I met, I listened to. Sharing expertise, knowledge and learnings opened up the vision I had of my “world” and made me see new possibilities. This has helped me to progress. I consider myself a citizen of the world with my roots in France, a life abroad and a close link with nature. I continue to witness and experience everyday the richness arising from the diversity of culture, interests, perspectives and experiences. Today I enter the world of services through management consulting in order to support business leaders looking at their world with a new eye and helping them discover new business possibilities.

Anne-France Colisson Consulting

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